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November 6, 2007

Welcome from John Bayliss

John BaylissHi, my name is John Bayliss, but you can call me JB. I’m the product manager for motorcycles and scooters at Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Welcome to the Yamaha Bike Blog!

One thing I would like to clear up right off the bat, is although I have been involved in the bike biz for many years (at Yamaha for 20 of them), I do not profess to know everything about motorcycles.

Unlike my snowmobile counterpart at Yamaha, Chris Reid, who blogs at Sled Talk, I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of all the technical aspects of our bikes and scooters. However, between me and my work colleagues also blogging here about bikes, we petty much do know everything about bikes – and what we don’t know, we want to hear from you about!

I am an avid on road and off road rider, plus I also dabble in track days. Most weekends (when I am not working), I usually spend at least a few hours riding or wrenching, especially restoring some vintage bikes of my own.

I own 10 motorcycles, ranging from street and dirt to a R6 track day bike. My fav ride right now is an ’07 Yamaha FZ1.

In the off-season, I can be found snowmobiling, skiing, and playing on the Yamaha hockey team.

I’m looking forward to sharing stories here that people can’t find anywhere else – such as behind-the-scenes peeks at Yamaha product development, long before the bikes hit the market. Hope you enjoy the insights!

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7 Responses to “Welcome from John Bayliss”

  1. Rod Carriere says:

    Hi guys
    I must say I am glad that Yamaha Canada has taken the presence of mind to start a bike blog to talk to the end user like myself about the products we have or are thinking of purchasing in the future. I have a 2004 Midnight Royal Star Venture and love this bike it by far the best Yamaha product I have purchased. I do wonder though what is in the plans for this bike in the future is it going to finally get some upgrades like a cd player or sat radio or maybe EFI?

    Hey Rod, we really can’t say what the exact plans are, it may run its course or receive some maintenance. Personally I am a disappointed in the stereo situation, both Canada and the US have voiced our concerns to the factory. Some people are having great success with the Garmin Zumo series GPS, which solves the stereo as well as adds some cool nav features… it’s designed MC specific… Thanks Rod, rubber side down.. 😉 JB

  2. Tim Kowall says:

    Good Morning Yamaha bloggers,just wanted you to know that I am looking forward to an informative and entertaining exchange on the newest blog in the motorsports industry.Ride safe!

  3. Mike says:

    Hey john,
    Is the yamaha RS125 9not sure if I have the name right, it’s the new learner’s sportbike just introduced in europe) coming over to Canada soon?

    Hi Mike,

    Sweet little ride eh ?? We got excited too … until we studied the price. At the present time, we can not get the pricing at a competitive level versus the competition. Needless to say we have to compete with the Honda offering in terms of price. But the”problem” (it not really a problem …) for those who look at more than just price is the YZF-R125 Yamaha is a much more trick machine. It features fuel injection, a 4-valve cylinder head, an aluminium swingarm etc. These features have caused the price to be above the level we feel the market is willing to bear. We will keep trying in the future for ’08 it ain’t happening. 🙁 Sorry,jb

  4. Rick Nelson says:

    Hey JB
    I didn’t know you guys play hockey…give me or Andrew the good word and we’ll come up with my other son David and then show you how hockey is played in Ottawa; we are Sen’s fans and of course those from the Leaf’s area could use all the help they can get!

    Looks like an early sledding season over here…far too much white stuff on the ground already!

    BTW great racing season this past year.

  5. Thomas Coughlan says:

    Hi John,

    I am the proud owner of a Yamaha Sled (RX1) and have owned Yamaha bikes since I was young (YZ 125, GT 80-was my first bike).

    With this blog I am asking for advice/insight, like so many other bloggers; However, my quest for advice may differ from most.

    I recently read an article in the Toronto Star where both of you were quoted acknowledging that small engines pollute much more than larger engines with fuel management and other emission reduction devices.

    While this is common knowledge to some, there are many other consumers whom use the classic equation less fuel= less emissions.

    While I am not ready to give up my hobbies at this point, but rather, look for a way to help where I can.

    This article interests me because I am in the emission reduction industry.

    My question is this…

    With the new regulation being 1.4g/km, is Yamaha looking at using catalystic converters or some other form of emission reduction technology to meet this target?

    And to what levels are they looking to achieve? The regulation or beyond?

    Just curious.

    Hi Thomas

    Newspaper interviews are a pain because you never get to review the finished product to determine if your quote or point was used in the proper context.

    Nonetheless,it doesn’t change the outcome, two strokes are pretty much history and the emission limits are dropping.

    So to recap the current level for HC + NOX is 1.4 gm/km for all classes of motorcycles, has been since Jan 2006 (Dec 2006 for <50cc scooters), next drop will take place effective Jan 2010, when class III motorcycles (over 270cc) HC+NOX will drop to 0.8 gm/km. All engines are different so it is difficult to say what level which require what technology, but its safe to say that this level will require some type of emission reducing technologies: Fuel injection, pulse air injection, three way catalyzers, heated O2 sensors.

    I like fuel injection, it takes the constant throttle baby-sitting out of warming up an engine. You know, when your trying to get your gear on and you trying to keep one hand on the throttle to keep the engine running. And these motorcycles with fuel injection will get better mileage to boot.

    So its all good, just no more two strokes....There time has come..


  6. Thomas Coughlan says:

    Thanks Tim.

    When I read articles like that I always keep reminding myself that it is the writer that sets the tone of the article.

    You guys are great for getting back to everyone so quickly.

    If you ever have a few minutes I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you a bit.

    I am interested further with the emissions levels/standards (I am in the emission reduction business) and it is nice to have someone that is familiar with the levels in your industry.

    If you could send me an email I would appreciate it a lot.


    Thank you again

  7. Dave Ironside says:

    Hey John, long time since we worked together at Global! Is Yamaha Canada bringing the FZ8 in this year? Hope all is well with you! Cheers, Dave

    Dave, like everyone else, you’ll have to wait until June 9 to find out if the FZ8 is coming to Canada or not!

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