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November 7, 2008

Scooter Tech Night at Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.

Earlier this summer, at the usual Thursday night meet-up of the scooter club, one of the club organizers approached me 1.jpgand asked, “Hey, you’re a mechanic, do you have access to a shop where you could show us how a scooter works?” Well, interestingly enough I did. There’s also a classroom for teaching seminars attached to it, so I thought I’d approach my boss, Jeff about hosting a “Tech Night”. He thought it was a great opportunity to connect with the club  and show how well Yamaha scooters are built.2.jpg

As luck would have it, the Experts were available to do a couple of labs to show how things work, and ho3.jpgw to keep them working. Fred Couffin, our Technical Information Co-ordinator, gave the winter storage seminar, Dave Shepherd, our Tech Specialist for motorcycle, ATV and power products, did the Vino 125 Lab (4stroke), and I did the BWs 50 lab, (2-stroke)4.jpg

Best of all, Mike Cooper from Tec-Mate,  showed up to give the “Anatomy of a Battery” seminar.

This was a well needed session because many of the “scooteratti” (scooter people) were buying a new battery every year or 2. Mike showed them how they could get up to 8 years out of a single battery

The evening went well, there were 29 or 30 participants, and they were all very curious and inquisitive. We even had swag bags for all and a draw for some cool prizes. Mike even made sure everyone got a Test Mate mini battery tester!
I enjoyed the event because I got to meet more of the club members, and talk about my favorite scooter. The club memb5.jpgers enjoyed it because they got to see the insides of a scooter and learn about batteries and proper storage.
If you want to see some excellent pics by Mondo, check these out!

Special thanks also go to Aaron Dowden, Marketing Events Co-ordinator, for taking pictures and loaning me his scooter as a lab rat, and to Andrée Lamarche, Yamaha Translator, for helping to organize, register guests, and draw for prizes.


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