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January 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Dirt Bikes

At first glance, I far from resemble an individual that spends much time in the dirt or riding motorcycles … never mind both at the same time!  This is exactly why I was so excited to learn I would be having my very first riding experience on a dirt bike. As a fairly new addition to the office at Yamaha, part of my ‘education,’ was to get my feet dirty and try my hand at riding. 

While my excitement and anticipation outweighed my nerves, I have to admit that as the day drew near I feared for the overall well-being of my body.  Bring on the bruises and the dirt but I had never had a broken bone and didn’t want to start that day! My fears were quickly put to rest when a friend of mine, Matt, (another beginner) and I arrived at CMTS (Canadian n1638686909_78195_6121.jpgMotorcycle Training Services) Horseshoe Riding Adventures; a training facility sponsored by Yamaha.  

The incredibly fun, friendly and patient staff assured me that I would learn at my own pace and that they had a nearly perfect track record in the broken bone department. After getting suited up, we stepped out into the rain and began our training.  Before I knew it I was circling the track; my adrenaline pumping and completely amazed that I was actually able to do this!  Within no time I felt confident to leave the practice track and head out into the woods.  n1638686909_78192_5520.jpg

While Matt and I had our problems; I couldn’t stop looking down at the ground and he had a hard time finding first gear, we had an amazing time practicing what we had learned and becoming comfortable and confident on our new rides. But no virgin riding adventure would be complete without a spill or two.  Matt and I both earned our badges and bruises with a couple of pretty spectacular wipe-outs! 

Although I incurred only mild injuries, I was immediately discouraged and hesitant to get back on the bike.  It would have been very easy to give into my bruised and swollen knee but my instructor assured me that we could take it slow and build my confidence again.  It was the best decision to get back on; my horse and I rode well into the sunset.

While at first glance I still don’t look like someone who spends much time in the dirt or riding motorcycles, if you spend some time talking with me I’ll inevitably find a way to tell you about the muddy hours I spent learning how to get down and dirty on my Yamaha! I had a blast!

Sarah M

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3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Dirt Bikes”

  1. Yamaha Dirt Bikes says:

    So sad for you,but its fine.

    I have the same crush for my Yamaha TT R125L Dirt bike.Its really fun riding it all the time.

  2. nick says:

    dont worry we all fall off our dirtbikes at sometime, importnat thing to wear all the pit bike protection and mx body armour.

  3. Dirt Bike Goggles says:

    i bet you woke up in the morning sore, but wanting to hit it again!it’s a great time and definitely an adrenaline rush. i heard someone say one time that if you’re not falling you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, so good work.

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