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May 27, 2009

Kelly’s Kicks Butt! (With video)

Is there really such a thing as a “free ride?” There is at Yamaha’s Motorcycle Power Tour events! (Although, our goal is that participants will realize the features and benefits of our bikes and eventually purchase one … but in the meantime, the ride’s on us.)


On Sunday, May 10, just over 40 riders signed up to test ride some of our finest motorcycles at Kelly’s Cycle Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. Those in attendance got to try out many of our Star series cruisers, including the all-new V-Star 950, sport models like the YZF-R1 with its new cross-place crankshaft, and we also had some scooters on hand for those looking for a fun, safe and quieter ride.

The crew at Kelly’s put some real aggression and enthusiasm into the event, and we were thrilled to see that reflected by the riders who put all of the bikes through their paces in every demo session. In fact, our team was showing off “guns” the size of Ron Burgundy’s after filling up the fuel tanks so much! Kevin, Chris, Orton, and Aaron of the Power Tour staff made sure that the day ran smoothly and on time, and they even captured some of it on film. You can watch it below….

And just to clarify, we’re pretty sure that the comment from the guy in the R1 testimonial (“It has, absolutely, God awful power …”) is actually a compliment. He was probably just a little nervous being behind the Yama-Tube lens (don’t fool yourself, it’s not easy being on the big screen) and mixed up his wording. But who knows, maybe that could be our new catch phrase for the 2009 YZF-R1?!?

Joe from Hamilton isn’t the only rider who had a memorable time with the R1. Click here to read a review of a Suzuki rider who has fallen for the all-new R1.

Anyhoo, we appreciate all of you who stopped by Kelly’s for the demo ride and enjoyed our new models.

So where is the next stop on the Power Tour? Find out by visiting Yamaha-motor.ca. Don’t be shy, get out to your local demo ride and answer the question that everyone is asking, “What kind of Yamaha are you?”

Danny B

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May 26, 2009

New Kid on the Blog

Hello there, folks. My name is Danny Brault and I’m a new guy here at Yamaha Motor Canada. My official title is “Public Relations Coordinator” (fancy, eh?), and my main responsibilities are developing ad creative, writing PRs, managing race team support and sponsorships, delegating product tests and demos, and, in general, telling everyone how awesome our products are and why you should be using a Yamaha.

I like long walks in the park, the Tragically Hip, the Trailer Park Boys show and enjoying fine cuisine, like Arby’s, in my hometown of Peterborough.

In my last year with RXC, we teamed up with Destroyer Films to produce weekly online Moto Shows from each round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals. I sucked in front of the camera, but people enjoying watching regardless. Check'em out at www.racerxcanada.com.

In my last year with RXC, we teamed up with Destroyer Films to produce weekly online Moto Shows from each round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals. I sucked in front of the camera, but people enjoyed watching regardless. Check'em out at www.racerxcanada.com.

I also have a big passion for the sport of motocross. I started riding/racing dirt bikes at the age of 3 and haven’t stopped since. Racing runs deep in our family’s bloodline. Back in the `70’s, my father, Donny, raced oval track on sleds at the pro level and also some ATV stuff when he felt like it; his brother, Dougie, has been racing motocross since the early `80’s and played a major role in teaching me the finer points of racing, like cleaning air filters, sticker placement and overcoming the “fear” of jumps (which was basically berating me and calling me a a sap until I had no choice but to “go for it”). So with that, it was only natural that my younger brother, Corey, and I would be involved in some form of racing and we chose motocross.

We both steadily improved throughout our careers, but we never really took racing seriously enough to consider making a living from it. We enjoyed riding more than anything. I was fortunate enough, however, to land a position in the industry as an editor for Racer X Canada magazine and earn some free stickers and t-shirts. (My brother, meanwhile, actually wanted to make money, so he began an apprenticeship as an electrician.)

I started with RXC in the spring of 2005, right after I had graduated from Durham College with a diploma in Print Journalism, and worked with them until August 2008. It was a great experience; I met tons of good people, traveled all over North America, and got to share stories of Canadian racers in print and online. Sadly, RXC closed its doors shortly after the final Canadian National last year in Walton.

Being young and naive, I never really pictured working anywhere else. RXC was a home with a good heart, and like a child, I didn’t want to live anywhere else. Plus, my boss never gave me a curfew and let girls sleep over – but only on the weekends. I’ve never been a big believer that money brings happiness; I just wanted a job that was fun, fulfilling and something that I could feel passionate about. I had that with RXC, but with it gone, now what?

What’s that saying … when one door closes, another opens? Well, this winter, that saying couldn’t have been any more true after landing this great gig with Yamaha. Strangely enough, before I worked with RXC, and experienced the perks of free bikes and gear, Yamaha’s were the last bikes that I paid for. (I know, I know—I’m spoiled.) Obviously, a position with any manufacturer would be wonderful, but it’s even better when you already believe in their product and they have a great relationship with motocross and racing in general. 

In the classic words of Mr. Sled Talk, Chris Reid, “pull up a stump” and read on for a little background regarding my previous life with The Blue Team. The year was 2000, I was riding a 125 two-stroke at the time, and my uncle Dougie had purchased a brand new YZ426F.

The "Bro Show" on his 2005 YZ250F in the intermediate class at the Sand Del Lee Ontario Provincial. Notice the right arm nearly twisting the throttle tube right off. True aggression.

The "Bro Show" on his 2005 YZ250F in the intermediate class at the Sand Del Lee Ontario Provincial. Notice the right arm nearly twisting the throttle tube right off. True aggression.

We were riding at my parents’ home on our backyard track when my uncle offered me his 426 for a few laps… (more…)

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May 14, 2009

Care To Do Lunch?

Holy CR%P!!!
I just got back from my lunch break. Didn’t eat just went for a ride with one of my colleagues here at YMCA’s he2009_yzf-r1_bra_06ad office. Aaron had some errands to run and I had not had the chance to take out the all new 2009 Yamaha R1.
I had just finished hearing Dave MacDougall rave about the phenomenal response the 25+ Sport Bike riders had after testing the R1 at his recent MC Power Tour at POWERSPORT JUNCTION In Guelph. Dave seemed pretty stoked about the feedback he was getting from the riders so I thought, “What the heck… I’ll take it for a spin” (Gotta ride before I can talk about it… right!!?)
Aaron had the new FZR6r and I had the … Yamaha R1

Let me say it again… HOLY CR%P. This bike is awesome, Crossplane crankshaft with uneven firing order, Selectable drive modes… (What!) Inverted front forks, Radial front disc brakes, Variable intake, and new compact Deltabox chassis with fully adjustable suspension. I try to keep abreast of the latest technology but, put all this technology in one package… sick!

2009_yzf-r1_fea_09I fired it up… the sound was unlike anything I have ever heard, let alone ridden. Is it a twin? A triple? Doesn’t sound like an inline 4? I moved off casually, not knowing what to expect… a mid range surge… a top end rush…It delivered controllable power to the ground anywhere in the power band… NO, forget power band, there is no power band! Just start the beast and you’re in the power band. 20kph, 60kph, 100kph and above. Anywhere u twist the throttle it produces gobs of earth shattering torque and horsepower… I need to go change my pants…

Ok I just bought some stock in a dry cleaning business. I figured the cleaning business is going to boom if they are located next to a Yamaha dealership!
The R1’s power plant is so unbelievably good the guys and gals that purchase this bike are going to need to have their leathers laundered professionally EVERY single time they take their bike out for a ride.
Why aren’t our governments talking about this as a stimulus for the economy? ‘…No ticky / no laundry’

… No need to spend trillions of dollars bailing out the cage drivers, Put one of these in every driveway and we’ll have the sport population working over time to afford to buy more accessories, (and new riding gear). They’ll sell their cars and put snow tires on their new R1… they won’t want to give it up, it’s that good.

They’ll spend billions flying their bikes to far away places to find more roads, Infrastructure? They’ll lobby their politicians to build new twisty roads to the nearest 7 11 corner store… Take the long way home…

I have to stop. I need a dictionary. Think I’ll just use metaphors and similes to finish this blog:
More power than a locomotive, more reliable than my best friend. Cornering? Felt like it was on rails!! More of a rush than my 1st date kiss with a gal from Florida. Put a silly grin on my face bigger than that of the Cheshire Cat. The adrenaline rushing through my veins… feeling the ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome… guess which option I chose.

I couldn’t finish the ride! I got off at an intersection and told Aaron he had to take her home. I’ve been riding long enough to know when I’ve had enough. It takes a bigger man than me to ride this bike on the street. While I’m riding it I’m invincible, I can do no wrong, it is confidence inspiring it makes up for all my short comings as a man, but then at the stop light, I couldn’t keep my hands and legs from shaking. “Aaron u take it”. The beast just purred and idled its unique 90deg uneven firing purr (sounded like it was laughing at me)

Can’t wait for the next track day. I’m a changed man… I have always considered my self to be educated and able to convey my thoughts and emotions easily through the spoken word… but this new R1 is beyond description. You’ll have to ride one for yourself and explain the silly grin that follows.

Did I say I can’t wait for my next track day???

Cheers Dre

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