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June 10, 2009

Get Your Fil: I Need More!

A Column by Yamaha Motor Canada’s Bryan Fil

Well, after my successful first race weekend I was officially hooked. I was very happy with my performance. The only thing that frustrated me was the horsepower difference from my current bike to the newer bikes of the other front runners. When we hit the back straights, I was being left behind, and it took everything I had to push harder and carry more speed than the others into every corner to regain back that difference, only to lose it all over again down the back straight and have to repeat everything all over again. The decision was made to get a newer bike and upgrade–I needed more HP….

I bought one of our factory race bikes, a 2006 R6 that was built by Z1 Cycletech and raced by Andrew Nelson in the 2006 Parts Canada National Pro 600 series with good success. I eagerly asked Zaid from Z1 if he could get the bike ready to roll for the last listed track event of 2006 with Pro 6 Cycle as I wanted to throw my leg over the bike for a test run to see if I needed to make any set-up changes to suit me.

The day went well; I got used to a new bike and had to quickly learn how to “GP” shift (or reverse shift) in a hurry. With the help from Accelerated Technologies we made a bunch of changes to the suspension to get some feel back in the bike for me. It was determined that we needed to do some spring changes in the forks and freshen up the rear shock in preparation for the 2007 season. The bike pulled way harder than my 2000 R6 (16 more HP in race trim will do that) and I found my entry speed into the corners scary as I must have been a bunch more kph going in than normal. It took some time to make that adjustment. Some friends of mine on the pit wall said you could noticeably tell the motor was done compared to a stock R6 motor. At the end of the day, I had a big smile on my face as this thing was a beast and I loved it!


Along with the suspension changes it was determined (primarily by my wife) that I needed a colour change because she couldn’t pick me out at distance as the colours blended with the other bikes. Since yellow is the colour that can be spotted by furthest from  the eye, I figured that I’d do the 50th anniversary paint scheme, with my own little flair of course. After many test sketches a final scheme was decided on so it was time for paint!!

Over the winter I got everything painted and ready to go and had to put my 2000 R6 up for sale to help pay for this new toy. It was a little sad to see it go as I had resurrected it back to life out of the jaws of destruction. But riding my shiny new 2006 race bike and hearing it scream as I twist the throttle made it all worth while…

Bryan Fil

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