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July 23, 2009

Little Blue Bandit

The all-new 2010 YZ250F

What do you get when you combine a new dirt bike, pro racers, media, a perfectly groomed MX track, Toyota, and Red Bull? I’d say a pretty darn good time ….

This good time took place yesterday at Carruthers’ Ranch in the small town of Enniskillen. We were on hand to launch the all-new 2010 Yamaha YZ250F and things couldn’t have gone any better. While we had a few small hiccups along the way, like not being able to get the Blackfoot Yamaha semi all the way into the pit area (well, if I had of been driving the big rig, I coulda got’er done :)), the day went along without a hitch.


“Huggy Bear” relives his glory days of banner detail at the nationals.

Things started off bright and early with five-time Canadian champ, Jean-Sebastien Roy, and Canada’s fastest MX2 rider, Kyle “Beats” Beaton, digging the first knobbies into the track. Right away, the two genuinely enjoyed the all-new “Little Blue Bandit.” Better low-to-mid power, quicker revs, lighter feel, and much improved cornering ability was their feedback.

It was pretty cool watching JSR and Beats race around the track, swapping lines, looking at each other over the jumps, and showing us what these machines are capable of. Ohh, to be fast ….

Kyle Beaton enjoys the flickability of the new bike.

Once we got lots of pics and video of the Blackfoot boys (stay tuned for some sweet video!), we turned our attention to the media, got them the details and history on the 2o10, and then got them out on the track. Their responses echoed the pros (Check out MXP’s review here), and all agreed that we’ve made some exciting new improvements to the style, fit and functionality of the YZ250F.


JSR still has “it.”

But who cares what JSR, Beats, Gaudly or even “Captain Freedom” McCullough think; all that matters is what I think. So what does DanBro think? Well he thinks that he should stop writing/talking in the third person and quit trying to be funny….

As a rider, a racer, not a Yamaha PR guru, I’m loving the new 250F. Before I joined Yamaha, I owned 2001, 2003 and 2005 YZ250F’s. All of them featured strong motors, excellent suspension and unmatched reliability, but while they had a confident and stable feel, they didn’t turn as quick as this new one. Now the bike has it all.

I definitely don’t have “it.” But at least I look good?

I could easily notice the lighter, quicker turning feeling in the front end in my short but sweet test ride. In fact, it turned almost too quick!

MXP’s Ryan Gauld, a long time Yamaha rider, had this advice for setting up the steering and ergonomics of the 250F. “No longer are you feeling like the bike pushes through turns, but now you can cut corners tight and carve them hard just like you were some supercross hero,” says Gauldy. “My opinion is you need to run the bars in the position closest to your body with the mounts turned forward.  That way it keeps you a little more neutral and disperses your weight back a little so you’re not diving in on the front end under heavy braking.”

You can put this puppy anywhere you want on the track, really. The motor is the second biggest thing that got me excited. The throttle is smooth and responsive, it has a harder hit from mid-to-low, and it seems like you can carry it a gear higher or let it rev. (I’m a lugger, so I take advantage of the ability to run a gear higher. It also saves me energy for some sleeve ripping afterwards.) I wasn’t totally loving the new body/plastic style, but it’s definitely growing on me with its trick Euro look.

So, all in all, a good day. To check out all the hype floating around on the new 2010 YZ250F, check out these links: MXP Review, DMX Virtual Tour, IMX Review

Keep your stick on the ice!


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  1. Andrew McEwan says:

    Loved the day, tons of fun. Thanks for the invite, that bike is top shelf!!!!

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