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November 9, 2009

Good girl gone bad

From Meager Scooter Girl to Full-fledged Biker Chick:
True Stories of the Hard-Life by Amy “Cowbell” Campbell

Amy Campbell ain’t no tart – she’s a biker chick!

I live approx. an hour and a half north of Toronto, which is definitely on purpose. For those who know me, know I am not a fan of city life. I recently spent 2 days downtown Toronto for training, and was overjoyed each night to return to my little 2-horse town …..

Living where I do also lends itself quite nicely to riding. There are many two-lane blacktops that sprawl through rural landscapes and quaint little towns. I spend many hours cruising up and down the various county roads and have seen much more than I ever would have if I didn’t ride (I’m not much of a Sunday driver).

One afternoon “Man” and I were taking a leisurely ride through rider’s playground – also known as the back roads. Man wanted to check and see how his new Man-machine (aka the home-made Rat Rod) was running, and wanted to test it out on a long stretch. I decided, since it was such a nice day, to wait up ahead and work on my super-dope arm tan. I felt confident enough in my abilities as a rider to ditch my heavy coat and was sporting the classic black tank top with a skull on the front.

Amy’s “Man” is a man’s man. I mean, check out that stone cold expression and thick goatee. I bet he eats metal and drinks broken glass for breakfast.

So there I was at the side of the road, with my bike (all polished up to boot!), tank top, ripped jeans, black shades and my cool soup-bowl helmet. I noticed an old pick-up truck bombing up the road behind me, the smoke this truck was spewing was quite impressive, not to mention the lack of an exhaust pipe. I didn’t think much of it until the driver pulled right up beside me and started calling over, “You heading up to Charlie’s?” I love to role play (!) so I answered back, “Not right yet, I’m just waiting for someone.” (I thought it was best to keep details to a minimum, my mom always told me to keep a little mystery). The driver then leaned a little further out the window, “Well you be careful, the cops are watching the place, tracing plates of everyone who enters … just a heads up,” hee says, and leans back inside the cab.  “Oh” I reply, “Well, thanks for the warning,”  and then off he went.

At this point my level of Biker Chick status broke through the roof, in all actuality, the roof was blown clean off. I couldn’t believe that the guy had mistaken me, “Scooter Girl,” as one of the local hoodlums, stirring up trouble wherever I land … actually it’s not that far-fetched. When Man finally got back, I told him the story. He found it hard to believe that I could be mistaken for such a badass. On the way home I kept a close look-out for ‘Charlie’s” Rebel Biker Hideaway, but never found it. I’m guessing that they don’t hang a wooden sign out front advertising as such.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this picture.


It’s me with my new BFF, just before we headed out to a local rebel bike night. The kind of place where really tough people (much like myself) park their bikes and chat over dangerously hot coffee (I’ve also been known to throw down a couple decafs). Don’t let my cheerful smile mislead you, I’m the trouble-causing type of girl that your mamma warned you about. (Sorry about the blur, ‘Man’ took the shot and obviously is too manly to worry about petty things such as focusing, lol)

And just for kicks, here’s one from last summer with my old BFF – the 650 (a warning for the faint, this picture is pretty tough).


Thanks for reading!


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One Response to “Good girl gone bad”

  1. Frank Simon says:

    OoooooHhhhhh…. I’m shakin’ in my Prexports, please Ma’am, don’ hurt me! Am sooo scarred, ooooohh… I think I’ll jus’ have maself ‘nother Rollin’ Rock… it’s ma fave…


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