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January 27, 2010

Who would you vote for?

Our “My Yamaha Photo Contest” is well underway, with submissions coming in from all over Canada, and in reference to nearly every one of our product lines … still missing some sweet pics of sporty sport boats though.

For those of you who don’t know, the Photo Contest is being run on our Facebook page. It’s easy to enter; all you need to do is become a fan of our page, upload some sweet pics and hit “submit now” on the Contest page …

Our goal with the contest is to get you guys being creative, and show us – and everyone – what makes you and your Yamaha the cat’s behind. The contest ends on February 28, 2010 and so far we’ve received over 200 photos. Awesome.

So what do you get if you’re photo is chosen by our panel of judges? A $5,000 Yamaha Shopping Spree! Not too bad, eh? Also, if one or two or three photos really standout, we may use them in corporate YAMAHA advertising. We don’t really have  a clearcut leader at the moment, but there are quite a few inspiring and interesting submissions. Here are some of my favs:


Midnight oil: Luke Tudor surely had some assistance in this sweet shot of him and his R1, and it’s paid off.

deer hr09 016

The impossible shot? Craig Adams isn’t afraid of a little hard work. I’m guessing it was a PITA trying to set up this unique photo with his Nytro but worth the results.


Michael Zwier clearly loves his VMAX.


Adrian Van Vugt sent us a whole collection of images featuring his FZ. If you flip through the album on Facebook, you’ll see that Adrian and his Yamaha have explored nearly every inch of this country.

Katrina's My Yamaha contest photo

Girl Power: Katrina Bryant’s photos impress me for two reasons: first, because she’s put a lot of effort into her work, second, because it’s not often you see a woman riding a sleek and powerful R1. “A bike is only as dangerous as you make it,” she says. “Any bike accident on any size bike will yield similar results, the cc of the bike only dictates how quickly you might arrive at your destination.”

yamaha photo contest

 …. we’re stuck for words as well. Bear-skins, lamp shades, vintage YZ … Jessica Off is definitely leading the contest as far as creativity goes.


Shaun May and his family show off their beautiful blue C3. It brings tears to Mr. Scooter Sense seeing love like this ….

It’s not going to be easy choosing a winner. We need your help. Visit our Facebook page, become a fan, and comment on these and others contest photos. Tell us what you like or don’t like and who gets your vote.

Thanks for reading!


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One Response to “Who would you vote for?”

  1. Bobby de Asis says:

    I’m 83 now, and not sure whether I can still ride a medium 400/500cc Bike ! But believe me,I was a rabid ‘iron horse’ rider from early 60’s to 1996 when I sold my last big bike, a Yamaha special, 4 Cyl.,750cc, shaft driven. I had the best moments of my life astride a bike, and even at an advanced age, being still sound in mind, body and spirit, I still hope to be able to ride, perhaps a smaller bike that could take me to the many scenic places in Canada ! I can dream, can’t I?

    “Iron Horse!” I like that handle! No matter what age you are, you shouldn’t never stop dreaming Bobby. Have you thought of trying out a Yamaha scooter? V-Star 650? Although, those may not meet the standards of an Iron Horse … 🙂

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