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March 24, 2010

Left or Right?

Hugh Hutner: I ride with a number of other riders on various brands of bikes, but one day, at the cafe, we notice that the five guys who ride the R1 are all left handed. The other day we had a woman rider on an R1 join the ride from one of our affiliated social groups, and she is left handed.

So we have ages ranging from 30 to 60, both genders, all different years of R1, ethnic backgrounds are german, malaysian, chinese, african, thai and russian jew (hey, this is Vancouver, eh) and occupations range from low tech to professional. So the question is: what is it about the R1 that makes it the choice of lefties?

Bryan Hudgin: Hello Hugh!! Since I’m the PR specialist, customer service sent me your email and what a great message it was! It actually got me thinking about the people who work here. You guessed it, I’m also left handed. Both VP’s and the President are as well. There seems to be a disproportionate number of staff that I talked to that are left handed.

I’m thinking we can put this to the test on our Facebook page and the 2000+ Yamaha fans we have on there. If you have Facebook, look for us at http://www.facebook.com/YamahaMotorCanada. We’ll ask the question later today and see what kind of response we get. Something like, “Do Left-handers prefer Yamaha?” and we’ll point to your informal data as the catalyst.

As a side note, I did come across this while looking for the breakdown of handedness amongst general populations. It seems like the intelligent choice is Yamaha?  Maybe it has something to do with right brained people preferring the colour blue? Maybe it’s because left handers are the only ones in their “right” minds?  [laughs]. Have a great day, Hugh.

Two Pakistani researchers explored the effect of handedness on the intelligence level of students. The sample included an equal number of left-handed and right-handed students drawn from various universities in Pakistan, altogether 150 subjects. Subjects were assessed for both handedness and intelligence.

The researchers found no significant difference in intelligence between subjects from various educational levels, but they did find that left-handed subjects were significantly more intelligent than right-handed subjects. Results were published in the January 2007 Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

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2 Responses to “Left or Right?”

  1. hillbillymark says:

    i ride a yamaha because i can do the 100 yard dash without getting lost.

  2. Sixx says:

    Interesting coincidence. Another good question would be which preference of people (left or right handed) are motorcycles designed for?

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