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July 28, 2010

What d’ya wanna see Huggy do?

Hey Everyone!

You may recall that last season on A Motorcycle Experience, host David Hatch made a side bet with Yamaha “Scooter Sense” host, Bryan Hudgin.

Dave bet Bryan that he couldn’t ride his Yamaha BWS125 scooter from Montreal to Toronto – with stops in Ottawa and Kingston along the way – using only a $25.00 gas card, tent and sleeping bag for the 3-day trek. Well Bryan not only accepted the challenge but he also completed the journey in record time with gas money to spare. Bryan wisely used “Scooter Sense” t-shirts to barter for food and lodging was provided by the great outdoors. He was able to camp out on viewer Bruce Haskin’s lawn on the first night while sneaking into a provincial park for the second!

In the end, Dave lost the bet and was forced to wear a Yamaha motocross jersey for 7 days straight. Dave has nothing against Yamaha off-road apparel, but he certainly did stand out at a good friend’s wedding!

So, as the fall riding season approaches, Dave and Bryan are at it again. Dave wants Bryan to push the envelope and take on another challenge. Will it be a “Northern Lights” ride from Toronto to James Bay? A “Rocky Mountain High” cruise from Vancouver to Calgary? A “Maritime Mayhem” tour of the East Coast?

Neither man can decide. Instead they are throwing the challenge out to the loyal Motorcycle Experience TV audience….putting you in the saddle! Do YOU have a great idea for his challenge? We’d like to hear it. Post it here on the Yamaha motorcycle blog under the “Leave a Comment” section! Perhaps you’d like to invite Bryan and the Motorcycle Experience crew to explore your home town or favourite local back roads? It’s completely up to you. Just remember, Bryan must remain safe while executing the challenge. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!

Please send us your suggestions by August 15th. Dave and Bryan will weigh the pros and cons of each submission and decide upon a winner – then they‘ll shake hands and it will be game on!

Stay tuned to the Yamaha motorcycle blog at http://motorcycles.yamahablogs.ca for updates on when and where the challenge will take place. Bryan will also be updating to the blog and Yamaha Facebook page as the challenge plays out. Finally, you can watch the tour in it’s entirety on TSN’s A Motorcycle Experience in the spring of 2011.

Don’t delay! Get your submissions in before August 15th! We may choose yours!

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23 Responses to “What d’ya wanna see Huggy do?”

  1. Editor 'arris says:

    Get him to do the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2011 … two up!

    More info at http://www.madbastardscooterrally.com

    Cheers, Rob

    P.S. This may look like blatant self promotion but it’s a different Editor ‘arris who runs the MBSR and a different CMG Online that promotes it.


  2. Jeremy says:

    Send him from Dawson Creek, BC to Inuvik, NWT (up the Alaska and Dempster Highways) on a Yamaha “maxi-scooter.”

    I’d watch that!

  3. joe says:

    Send him to the Cabot Trail, see how many laps he can make on 1 tank of gas.

  4. Huggy says:

    Jeremy, Joe – Either way I’m in the wilderness!! I like it. Keep ’em coming people!

    A ton of ideas were sent to “A Motorcycle Experience:”

    Here’s a ride! – http://www.trailway.ca/

    Patrick & Angela Lanctot
    Middle River’s Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat
    Middle River, Nova Scotia, Canada

    I vote for the Trip to James Bay, if it’s going to be next spring. I don’t know if he realizes how bad the flies and skeeters will be at that time of year.. but they’re are almost unbearable for most people. I assume that the trip will be through Quebec, as the farthest north ya can go in Ontario, by road is Abitibi Canyon…. Have to ride the Railroad tracks from there…. The Quebec trip will be a lot more challenging and remote….the gas card might not help, as there are few stations…

    Good luck

    John Dick

    Emsdale Ont.

    The Scooter sense challenge was quite boring in my view and out of context for scooters. I just quickly sped thru my PVR to the good stuff. Instead, focus on the strengths of scooters, and do comparisons of them, how different jurisdictions handle parking legalities with them, riding tips when they are the slower moving traffic, quirks and how to not be impacted by them, i.e. small front wheels etc.

    It’s an important segment of motorcycling, certainly can be an ‘entry level’ for some, or a commuter tool for others, an ‘environmental statement tool’ for others again. Lots to focus on, who cares if you can bum a night on a lawn, or use the lawnmower jug to fill it up. Hope this helps build some more focus to an improving show!

    Brian Smith

    Think the Scooter Sense Challenge should involve a good distance trek… Van to Cal and terminate at a major event supported by Big Burly Biker types. The Northern Star’s Cruise-In (Yamaha owners group rally) http://www.northernstarsrider.ca/

    May not be too safe for Bryan, as he tries to join the mile long procession of big Yamaha’s travelling en mass to the big rally , but it sure would be fun. My 2 cents worth.

    André Harris
    Event Coordinator

    I did a Nova Scotia travel map for the May/June 2008 Motorcycle Mojo, with the best riding colour coded. Note my comment about the shore road between New Glasgow and Antigonish. If you don’t have the back issue, send me your address and I’ll send you one. I can also give you all the distances and suggested routes.
    Dave Cox

    How about the longest street in the world? Yonge St/Highway 11.

    From the shores of Lake Ontario to the far western corner near the US/Manitoba border at Rainy River.


    The round trip should be almost 3800km, though he’d need more than a $30 Esso card.


    Craig Jackman – Production Supervisor
    105.3 KISS FM – CHEZ 106 – Y101- Oldies 1310 – 92.3 JACK FM
    Rogers Media – Ottawa

    The “Ultimate” Scooter Challenge would be a Ride across the Trans-Labrador Highway (one of the last great remote Adventure roads in eastern North America) from Baie Comeau, Quebec to Goose Bay, Labrador … to my knowledge, no one has yet made that Ride on a motorscooter … Go make HISTORY Dave and Bryan, ride the Trans-Lab!

    P. Kendall
    2009 Kawi 250R
    Paradise, NL

    Vancouver to Calgary is my vote. I’ve seen a few smaller rides on the Trans Canada between that thousand kilometer stretch. I would find it fascinating to see how he would do. Between the mountains and some of the longer gas stops is it possible to do it on a scooter.

    Thanks from Calgary.

    Jukka Lindewall

    How about Highway 16……….west to east or vice versa

    Vancouver bc on hwy 3 through the Okanogan needles ferry to Nakusp New Denver then Kaslo, Nelson

    Ottawa (or Kingston) to Windsor (my home town). Our area is beautiful in the fall and still warm enough for relative comfort. For that matter Bryan would have a place to stay in my home. Cheers and great show.

    I “think” I have a true challenge for you guys….

    Why don’t Dave and Bryan ride a scooter two-up for a ridiculously long
    distance and see who quits first?

    For inspiration….here’s my story…


    Of course, done on a Yamaha C3 😉


    I can do the Montreal to Toronto run in six hours with $30 of gas, on my KLR, so I didn’t really get it with the scooter. Or I can also take three days and do the same trip on the same budget, it’s not that hard.

    From Denver through the Red Mountain Pass at an altitude of 11,018 feet to Albuquerque New Mexico. The scenery is awesome and you get to pass by the Anasazi cliff dwellings as well as many other historic places. Can I go along???


    Personally, I think a ride from one tip of Vancouver Island to the other – so Victoria to Port Hardy (or the reverse) with maybe a side trip to Tofino – would be awesome. If Bryan could do that on a scooter I would be truly impressed! Good luck to whatever challenge he takes on.


    Ask Bryan if he can handle to route of the 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter
    Rally – ~ 825 km in one go through E. Ontario and a bit of W. Quebec.


    Jim Louter

    Send Bryan to Fredericton NB to meet up with some other scooter folk. I just acquired a 1985 Honda Elite 250. Having fun with it.

    Richard Ward
    1985 Honda Elite 250
    1998 BMW K1200RS
    Hanwell, NB

    How about a ride over the highest paved road in Canada, the Highwood pass in Kanaskis country


    Well, since we rarely ever hear of anything such as this being done out here on the west coast, how about a Scooter Challenge here on Vancouver Island?

    Ride from Victoria to a point north on the Island.

    Maybe to some place like Tofino?

    Or, call it something like Scooter Challenge “End to End”.

    From Victoria in the south end to Port Hardy on the north end.

    Would provide some interesting footage to the rest of Canada about Vancouver Island (for a change).


    Harv (Rabbit) Welch
    Retreads Motorcycle Club International Inc.
    Victoria BC Canada

    I watched the entire series this last season and I really enjoyed the Scooter Sense challenge. Scooters are becoming a lot more popular here in the Okanagan with the price of gas, insurance, etc. and I would love to see Bryan bring his scooter to Kelowna – we would make him very welcome – BUT, he should definitely NOT consider riding his 125 through the Rockies in the fall. There are 3 highways through the Rockies, The Yellowhead, Highway 1 (via Rodger’s Pass) and Highway 3 through the Crowsnest. All of those routes have long climbs and although a 125 scooter would probably handle them they could result in finding snow at the top. I would not consider taking my Goldwing over there in the fall – not to mention there are miles and miles of nothing but trees and bears – big bears and moose. Let’s keep Bryan alive for yet another season of Scooter Sense and maybe he will come out this way in the summer and ride from Revelstoke to Vancouver – I will even go along on the wing to make sure he doesn’t get lost along the way!

    All the best, and looking forward to the new season
    Gerry Parrott
    Motorcycle Ride For Dad
    Okanagan Chapter

    How about circling the Great Lakes while picking up mementoes from at least 25 varied historical sights along the way all within one month and not more than 100$ cash. Bartering still available tool.

    Jean-Marc Larocque

    I say Toronto to James Bay. I just came back from a trip to Abitibi Canyon and it was fabulous!

    How about if Bryan rides the Cabot Trail? Not sure what the budget would be but it would make for great video and he would meet a lot of great people in terms of the locals.


    Hi there my name is Danny Rickaby and I’m the Manager of the New Grand Hotel in Nelson BC. I think the scooter challenge should go Vancouver –Hope Hyw #3 to Nelson down Kootenay Lake to Creston—Cranbrook —up the Columbia Valley to Radium Hot Springs–next place Banff–Canmore then onto Calgary. I also host one of the Largest Triump Rat Raids in the Pacific Northwest and I’m always happy to host any friends on 2 Wheels. Please contact me as I’m sure I could help you set out a outstanding route for the challenge.

    Best Regards Danny Rickaby
    New Grand Hotel
    616 Vernon Street
    Nelson, B.C.
    cell 250-505-3636 work 250-352-7211
    e danny@newgrandhotel.ca
    Begin forwarded message:


    I found this segment very weak last season. Most of each week’s episode was spent re-hashing the previous week’s episode! If you must do this scooter thing again, put him on a 50 cc scooter and have him do the Cabot Trail! He would enjoy Cape Smokey!


    Patrick Mann

    Hope you are enjoying the summer. I’d like to recommend a trip from Longview Ab. on highway 40 through Kananaskis Country then west on the Trans Canada to Banff. After Banff he can drive on the 1A through the park to Lake Louise. Then he can go north on the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper. The trip is around 700Km through the best roads in the country. Lots of places to camp. Gas might be iffy from Lake Louise to Jasper but that’s part of the challenge isn’t it? Anyway have a great summer and ride safe.
    Kevin Mullan

    I would love to see a Scooter Sense Challenge ride through the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary!

    Sheila Best
    Victoria, B.C.

    I would like to offer a suggestion.


    Starting at Antigonish, Nova Scotia travel to Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Go around the Cape Breton Trail loop (300 km segment) and then return to Antigonish (approx. total distance – 580 km) Beautiful scenery, rugged coastal drive (especially for a scooter), excellent photo ops.


    Personally I’ve never taken the drive (on my bucket list) but I hear it’s incredible. Lots of inclines and declines and being coastal I believe weather would surely fall into the equation.

    No matter where the journey, be safe and have fun. I enjoyed watching the challenge and listening to Bryan’s segment.

    John Christenson
    Begin forwarded message:

    I suggest Victoria to Edmonton via the Fraser valley. It would include, then,
    a ferry, some lovely twisty valley roads in BC, and the more straight ahead
    roads in Alberta, via, of course, lovely Jasper. Once in Edmonton,
    local cycling friends and I would be delighted to meet Bryan and
    go for a ride with him.

    Rick Paisley

    Here’s a real challenge. The Trans-Labrador Highway on a scooter. I did it last year on a Triumph Scrambler.
    ( http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=500979&highlight=triumph+labrador ) There was nothing that a scooter couldn’t handle if ridden carefully. The BWS would be just the scooter for the job.

    Dave Guthrie

    Hi Victor –
    How about Halifax to Thunder Bay ?
    Duplicate the historic Terry Fox run, ending up at the statue ?
    I was there last summer, and was moved considerably.
    Maybe incorporate some kind of charity angle ?
    Heck, if they have a spare ride or need someone to drive the support truck I would be glad to join in !

    Scott (TK4) McKay
    33 Elswick Road
    Toronto, Ont. M4B 2Z7
    (416) 750-9639

    I think a great trip would be to have Bryan travel from Western Newfoundland (Gros Morne) up the northern peninsula, across the ferry and over the Labrador highway!

    That won’t be nearly as sublime as Toronto-Montreal, but the scenery and wildlife will be a whole lot better.


    Derek Gould


    How about Cape Spear to Tofino? But not on a 50cc, on something like a Honda Silverwing or Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive, my personal ride. Let the Canadian public know these Maxi Scooters are just as capable as motorcycles but with many advantages like step thru, enormous trunks and auto everything.

    Richard Dinning
    Mississauga, Ontario

    I recommend a trip I have done in a rented camper, but not yet on my bike, from Calgary to Jasper ( and possibly back) through Banff and up the Icefields Parkway . Spectacular scenery, challenging hills, etc.. But be careful, we experienced snow at the Columbia Glacier on July 1st.


    There is a section of BC that simply must be ridden by motorcycle enthusiasts. It is between Cranbrook BC, Crawford Bay, Balfour and down to Nelson. If that is not enough, as it surely will not be once this portion has been ridden, then slip up from Nelson to Kaslo, across to New Denver, on to Nakusp. No rider will be disappointed and I am sure everyone involved will be very taken by not only the scenery and the road but also by the down to earth nature of the residents of these areas.

  5. Janelle says:

    I vote for the “Rocky Mountain High” cruise.

  6. Tony says:

    I think a triangle run from Banff to Jasper up the Icefields Parkway, then Jasper To Kamloops along Highway 5, and back again along the Trans Canada to Banff would be a great run. Beautiful Highways, nice folks, happy grizzlies and salmon. What else does a scooter guy need? Oh yeah, lots of wide paved sholders on the highways.

    The Rocky Mountain Scooter tour. Not the puppy dog Mad Bastard run.


  7. jack says:

    It’s not much of a challenge just to cover miles on a scooter. The real challenge has to something other than distance. How about visiting all the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island and spend only $50 or so. The real challenge will be getting from island to island, since $50 won’t take you very far on the ferries. Convince people to transport the scooter on their sailboat? Fishing boats? Build a raft? Take it apart and mail it (that would be more than $50 but you get the idea)?

  8. murray says:

    get him on a bw or cube 50
    what he is riding is not a real challenge
    listen to Editor’arris

  9. mad kitty says:

    I second the Dempster idea. ‘arris could work in a MB Midnight Sun Rally Special Event. Imagine 75 scooters racing to the Arctic Circle and back? Count me in!

    Mad Kitty

  10. murray says:

    I think mad kitty has a great idea
    ‘arris are you with us??

  11. Bill says:

    Hey Bryan,

    If you like the wilderness so much, come to “The Rock” and cross the island on the Trailway. Leave the pavement behind and have a real adventure that challenges man and machine!

  12. Rene Ferri says:

    Maritime Mayham gets my vote. I was just there and it was beautiful. Perhaps, this time you could make it a bit more realistic though. No T-shirt gimmick.

  13. Huggy says:

    Bill – “The Rock” is a great idea! Only province I haven’t been to. If, as Rene suggests, I should do away with the t-shirt gimmick to barter for food, I couldn’t think of a better place to beg for food than the friendly east coast! I used to ride MX, so dirt is preferred for me anytime.

    Murry, Mad Kitty – I hear what you’re saying, but at the same time we’re paying to have a cameraman, producer and myself out of the office so it does need to be shot in a reasonable amount of time!

    Jack, Tony – The West is Best right? Routes are noted. Not to mention I’m sure a trip like this would be embraced on the island!

  14. Savage says:

    C’mon folks … how ’bout a REAL Scooter Challenge?! Baie Comeau, Quebec to Goose Bay, Labrador via the Trans-Lab Highway! 1200kms on one of the last great “Adventure” roads left in eastern North America … now that’d be a Scooter Challenge! To my knowledge, no one has yet to make that Ride on a motorscooter … go DO IT Bryan!

  15. JD says:

    I would like to see the Calgary Vancouver run. We would definately look at getting out “Woody” for the ride a custom painted Yamaha Vino http://painincdesigns.com/Pain_Inc_Designs/Gallery/Pages/Motorcycles.html#3

  16. helen says:

    i think vancouver to jasper up to grande prairie would be challenging. up the sea to sky (whistler to illouet to kamoops then on to jasper.

  17. P Moores says:

    Have him start on the far right of the country (not politically).
    With the typical Newfoundland hospitality he probably makes it from Cape Spear NL to North Sydney NS on a single tank of gas.(about 1000kms)

  18. Craig says:

    I say the longest road in the world. Yonge St/Highway 11. From the shores of Lake Ontario at the foot of Yonge in Toronto all the way up then around to the far corner of Ontario near the Manitoba/US border at Rainy River … THEN BACK!!! Would probably require more than just a $30 gas card, and might take more than 2 days.


  19. Huggy says:

    Lots of good suggestions for routes!

    Now – what about the pre-conditions/equipment?

    Gas Cards?
    None of the above?

  20. DJ Stewart says:

    Definitely not safe to tackle the Trans Canada between Calgary and Vancouver on a scooter — far too much semi-trailer traffic; often no road shoulder to pull over onto; too much single lane travel. Do something where safety is assured.

  21. bill rinehart says:

    Hey Guys,My vote is Van. to Calgary via hwy.#3,great roads and scenery!Give me a call when you decide to go if you need any help with a support truck or drivers.It’s pretty hard to beat the rockies for a great ride! Keep up the great bike riding show!Bill R.

  22. Scooter Sense Challenge 2011 | Canadian Scooter Rider says:

    […] scooter enthusiasts to suggest the next challenge. Submit your ideas in the comments section the Yamaha Blog site and see if it will be this seasons Scooter […]

  23. Brian Jakovlevski says:

    Send him to James Bay.
    In July I did the James Bay Highway from Matagami to Radisson on my 1982 Honda 70c.c. Passport……because I am a Mad Bastard alumni..class of 2009.

    Tell him to take a gas can..610km each way.. one gas station at 381km..very,very little traffic..the experience..priceless.

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