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December 15, 2010

He made it!

Part 4–and the finale –of Huggy’s ‘Labrador Labour of Love’

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… The last 295km went by faster than I had expected. By this time, the shooting had more or less wrapped up until Goose Bay. It was time to make hay while the sun shone!

This is where I really got in the groove with the Super Tenere. I was able to ride for long stretches at a time at my own speed. After having about 750km on it, I was very comfortable with its handling and what to expect. Miraculously, about 60 to 75km from Goose Bay a perfect stretch of pavement presented itself with nobody around for miles. Thank God for stimulus spending! Nothing against the mostly gravel road I had been riding to that point, but it felt like a red carpet had been rolled out.

Being in marketing, I’ve always watched commercials with a keen eye and thought about the production of the ad. My last 50km entering Goose Bay felt like I was starring in an ad with cameras rolling. Here I was, riding the latest and greatest motorcycle down a pristine, tree-lined road without anyone else in sight. The leaves swirling behind me as I sped past. Life is good.

We stopped at the sign for Goose Bay for a photo-op and I had a chance to call Marty from Frenchie’s. He met us at the top of the main drag and led us to the shop for the finishing shoot with Pascal, the owner of Frenchie’s.

It was a wrap, I had made it. I hadn’t spent a dime on food or accommodations over the course of three days (and no, I didn’t pack any food either). As a result, Dave Hatch is to host an entire episode on National TV with the word “YAMAHA” written across his forehead! Hmm… Should I use Sharpie fine point or maybe a Yamaha tattoo?

Two good, hard working Labrador men….

To celebrate, Marty invited the crew back to his place … check that, his garage, for some caribou meat and beverages. The wood stove was blazing and it felt great to cozy up next to it while snacking on some of Labrador’s finest wild game. What a way to cap the trip off! (For those keeping score at home, I didn’t buy any food until the following morning.)

….and some wholesome Labrador dinner.

We did a summary shoot in the morning down by the water. Pascal then gave us the unofficial Goose Bay tour. I even found a T-shirt that read, “I survived the Trans-Labrador Highway,” while looking for souvenirs. How perfect was that? Pascal drove us over to the airport and we were off.

The more of these trips I do, the more I realize there are Yamaha enthusiasts all across this land in every nook and cranny willing to help you on your way. If you ever do plan on doing a long-distance trip, be sure to scout the Yamaha dealers along the way. They can always help or point you in the right direction for any people or places you might want to see. We’re united by a common passion. It’s remarkable how that passion can take you from strangers to friends in a mere instant.

For more photos please visit: facebook.com/yamahamotorcanada and visit the Photos section.

The season premiere of A Motorcycle Experience will be on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 11:30AM EST. All shows are broadcast on TSN.

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One Response to “He made it!”

  1. Peter Campbell says:

    WELL DONE mate. I have ridden the road several times back a few yers ago on my 2005 BMW R1150 GS Adventure. Great road, always plenty to keep you busy and interested in what lay ahead. Glad that you made the trip without incident. Looks like the new Super T is a good off-road ride. Merry Christmas!

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