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January 4, 2011

Ride, Rudy, Ride

A month ago we mailed out (snail mail and electronically) the latest issue of Horizons. We’re pretty excited with this one. The last few issues have really captured that “magazine” feel, thanks in part to interesting stories and the delightful design of “Cowbell” Amy Campbell. Good job, team.

Another reason that our issues keep getting better and better, is because of the great content submitted to us by you, the readers. Whether it’s a story, photo, poem, or even a song, Yamaha owners aren’t afraid to show off their pride of ownership. (Some, as you’ll soon find out, show it off permanently!)

One of our recent ‘Photo Contest’ finalists, Rudy Mercer, was surprised to see his photo make an impression, let alone finish second-place. After receiving his issue of
Horizons—and $300 Yamabucks for his photo submission–Rudy sent us a ‘thank you’ note  with some background on his love for VMAX and Yamaha:

Rudy Mercer and his son, Zachary.

I received the check for $300Yamabucks along with the 2 copies of Horizons magazine and a letter from you, congratulating me on second place in the Good Buddies contest. I was very surprised and thrilled that my son and I won second place; I was not expecting to even get noticed let alone win second place. I have to send out a big thank-you for this honor; it will be something my son Zachary and I will not soon forget.

I guess I should update you on the status of my motorcycles…. As you already know I sold my 2000 VMAX and purchased a 2009. Well I have had an unfortunate accident in the form of a fire. My shed caught fire last month and the real unfortunate part is that my new 2009 VMAX was inside! The bike was a total loss but I did have insurance and have now purchased a 2010 VMAX. I have attached some photos of my 2009 before the fire, one of it after the fire and a couple of the 2010 I just purchased.

My son still loves to help me clean the bike. Yes, he still wants to go with me, but I am a little hesitant about taking him—especially on a 200hp bike. Oh ya, I forgot to mention I am going to use the $300 Yamabucks towards the purchase of a Yamaha PW50 dirt bike for the my son Zachary!

My love for Yamaha started when I was about 7 and got my very first bike. It was a Yamaha MX80. But I fell in love with the VMAX when it was first introduced in 1985 when Jay Gleason came out on stage and started doing a burnout. I was only 10 at the time and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. The power, the style … I was just hooked and have been since that day.

When I heard rumors in 2002 that there was going to be a new generation VMAX coming out I couldn’t wait to see it! I researched online for any info I could get my hands on. I did the surveys and then almost ten years later, Yamaha released it and I was not disappointed.

I loved my 2000 VMAX and had almost $6,000 in mods done to it. The bike was pushing about 165hp with a custom exhaust, K&N filters and stage 7 jet kit, BUUUUTT the 2009 had 197hp right out of the box so it was time to upgrade. Evan at 197hp I was not satisfied. I stared in on the mods for ’09. Before long I had a custom exhaust on it with K&N filters and a Power Commander V and was pushing about 195hp at the rear wheel, which is roughly 225hp at the crank, give or take 5hp. The VMAX is a very unique motorcycle; there is nothing else like it. It has no competition and is in a league of its own.

Now that’s pride!

I guess I am just a VMAX head and it was burned into my brain at the ripe old age of 10. Now I am addicted. I even have a tattoo of a dragon with the Yamaha symbol in his claw. Yep I am definitely addicted to Yammies!


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