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June 15, 2011

Never judge a book by its…

Everyday that I work on Yamaha Power Tour Demo rides, I come across riders that cause me some concern about their riding abilities. You would always like to believe that the guy wanting to ride the R1 is capable of riding a Sport Bike …  let alone the fastest one. You always want to believe that the rider has “been riding for years” when he asks to ride the Stratoliner Deluxe.

So today, I meet this gentleman, Harry Tatlow. He is a long time resident of Prince Albert, SK and comes into Tru North Yamaha all the time. He is well known to Neal McLeod, Sales Manager of Tru North Yamaha and the staff.

Harry comes up to me and says,  “I would like to go for a ride today.  My wife doesn’t like me to ride too much anymore but since you’re here I thought I might give it a go.”

I reply,  “How long have you been riding?”  To which he says, “… since I was 19! My first bike was a ’45 Army Harley made street legal so I could ride it anywhere. My 1st Yamaha was a ’74 TX 500A, then I upgraded to a ’82 Yamaha Maxim 750. I traded it in for a ’85 Yamaha Maxim X 750, then sold it to a young fellow who really wanted it. My last Yamaha was a 1994 Virago 1100. I have since sold it. So today… what have you got that I might be interested in?”

I was a little leery… but Neal and I pushed him toward the New 2011 Stryker 1300. He loved the style and couldn’t wait to ride it. Watching him leave the parking lot I was still a little concerned … but he handled the Stryker with ease. About 40 minutes later when our Power Tour Demo ride returned, low and behold, Harry was riding the Raider! I was now a little shocked.

Harry Tatlow, and Neal McLeod of Tru North Yamaha

When I asked Harry how his ride was, he offered:  ” The Stryker was good but a little under powered for me. I traded up with another rider halfway through the ride. This Raider is Unbelievable! Now …  I would love to ride that everyday. I love my life, but my wife would probably not have ___ with me anymore!”

Harry is 82 years of age. You go Harry!

Live to ride, forever.

Cheers, Jamie Moberg

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