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July 28, 2010

What d’ya wanna see Huggy do?

Hey Everyone!

You may recall that last season on A Motorcycle Experience, host David Hatch made a side bet with Yamaha “Scooter Sense” host, Bryan Hudgin.

Dave bet Bryan that he couldn’t ride his Yamaha BWS125 scooter from Montreal to Toronto – with stops in Ottawa and Kingston along the way – using only a $25.00 gas card, tent and sleeping bag for the 3-day trek. Well Bryan not only accepted the challenge but he also completed the journey in record time with gas money to spare. Bryan wisely used “Scooter Sense” t-shirts to barter for food and lodging was provided by the great outdoors. He was able to camp out on viewer Bruce Haskin’s lawn on the first night while sneaking into a provincial park for the second!

In the end, Dave lost the bet and was forced to wear a Yamaha motocross jersey for 7 days straight. Dave has nothing against Yamaha off-road apparel, but he certainly did stand out at a good friend’s wedding!

So, as the fall riding season approaches, Dave and Bryan are at it again. Dave wants Bryan to push the envelope and take on another challenge. Will it be a “Northern Lights” ride from Toronto to James Bay? A “Rocky Mountain High” cruise from Vancouver to Calgary? A “Maritime Mayhem” tour of the East Coast?

Neither man can decide. Instead they are throwing the challenge out to the loyal Motorcycle Experience TV audience….putting you in the saddle! Do YOU have a great idea for his challenge? We’d like to hear it. Post it here on the Yamaha motorcycle blog under the “Leave a Comment” section! Perhaps you’d like to invite Bryan and the Motorcycle Experience crew to explore your home town or favourite local back roads? It’s completely up to you. Just remember, Bryan must remain safe while executing the challenge. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!

Please send us your suggestions by August 15th. Dave and Bryan will weigh the pros and cons of each submission and decide upon a winner – then they‘ll shake hands and it will be game on!

Stay tuned to the Yamaha motorcycle blog at http://motorcycles.yamahablogs.ca for updates on when and where the challenge will take place. Bryan will also be updating to the blog and Yamaha Facebook page as the challenge plays out. Finally, you can watch the tour in it’s entirety on TSN’s A Motorcycle Experience in the spring of 2011.

Don’t delay! Get your submissions in before August 15th! We may choose yours!

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February 11, 2010

Just scootin along

I’m guessing for all you scooter folk out there, things are a little slow right now. Between the snow and cold temps, it’s probably not quite as thrilling cruising the streets (or rural roads). I definitely give props to those brave souls who are enjoying the odd “brisk” ride …..


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January 27, 2010

Who would you vote for?

Our “My Yamaha Photo Contest” is well underway, with submissions coming in from all over Canada, and in reference to nearly every one of our product lines … still missing some sweet pics of sporty sport boats though.

For those of you who don’t know, the Photo Contest is being run on our Facebook page. It’s easy to enter; all you need to do is become a fan of our page, upload some sweet pics and hit “submit now” on the Contest page …


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June 30, 2009

It just makes sense …

… scooter sense, that is! Scooters are the cool new form of transportation, earning nearly a gazillion more votes than running, walking and rollerskating on some poll, on some website out there. It comes as no surprise, as scooters burn less fuel than pretty much every other form of road legal vehicle, they’re relatively inexpensive, and they’re safe and easy to ride.

There he is, Mr. Scooter Sense. Here he mirrors the consummate professional … but nowadays, “Huggy” is the renegade of the office, with his thick orange locks, Grizzly Adams inspired beard, and unwillingness to be controlled by “the man.”

Want to know everything there is to know about this two wheel phenomenon? Then follow this link and watch as Yamaha’s PR guru, Bryan Hudgin, takes us through the dynamic world of scooters in the riveting series, Scooter Sense. Enjoy!


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June 23, 2009

Biker Chicks with … “Cowbell”

Everyday, we’re seeing more and more women riding motorcycles, and it’s a beautiful thing. No matter what your gender is, there is no better sense of freedom and expression than hitting the open road, track or trail with your bike, twisting the throttle and feeling all of your cares float away….


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May 27, 2009

Kelly’s Kicks Butt! (With video)

Is there really such a thing as a “free ride?” There is at Yamaha’s Motorcycle Power Tour events! (Although, our goal is that participants will realize the features and benefits of our bikes and eventually purchase one … but in the meantime, the ride’s on us.)


On Sunday, May 10, just over 40 riders signed up to test ride some of our finest motorcycles at Kelly’s Cycle Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. Those in attendance got to try out many of our Star series cruisers, including the all-new V-Star 950, sport models like the YZF-R1 with its new cross-place crankshaft, and we also had some scooters on hand for those looking for a fun, safe and quieter ride.

The crew at Kelly’s put some real aggression and enthusiasm into the event, and we were thrilled to see that reflected by the riders who put all of the bikes through their paces in every demo session. In fact, our team was showing off “guns” the size of Ron Burgundy’s after filling up the fuel tanks so much! Kevin, Chris, Orton, and Aaron of the Power Tour staff made sure that the day ran smoothly and on time, and they even captured some of it on film. You can watch it below….

And just to clarify, we’re pretty sure that the comment from the guy in the R1 testimonial (“It has, absolutely, God awful power …”) is actually a compliment. He was probably just a little nervous being behind the Yama-Tube lens (don’t fool yourself, it’s not easy being on the big screen) and mixed up his wording. But who knows, maybe that could be our new catch phrase for the 2009 YZF-R1?!?

Joe from Hamilton isn’t the only rider who had a memorable time with the R1. Click here to read a review of a Suzuki rider who has fallen for the all-new R1.

Anyhoo, we appreciate all of you who stopped by Kelly’s for the demo ride and enjoyed our new models.

So where is the next stop on the Power Tour? Find out by visiting Yamaha-motor.ca. Don’t be shy, get out to your local demo ride and answer the question that everyone is asking, “What kind of Yamaha are you?”

Danny B

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April 13, 2009

Your first ride of the year:

Keep an eye on the road conditions and make sure you bundle up.

Well, it’s that time of year again to suit up and head out for your first ride of the season. The bright sun, warming temperatures, and the sight of pavement are a few good signs that the riding season is upon us once again. I’ve already managed to get out for about 5 rides this year and would like to pass on some very important factors to take in to consideration before hitting the streets on your scooter or motorcycle.a1

The first and probably the most important thing to keep an eye on is the road conditions. The roads in Ontario and for that matter most of Canada are in pretty rough shape after a winter filled with snow and cold temperatures. Pot holes, pot holes and more pot holes. These gigantic craters cause problems for all motorists but especially those on two wheeled vehicles. If you’re not paying attention one of these massive indents in the road can send you over the handlebars before you have time to react. Make sure that you’re always looking far enough ahead to allow yourself adequate time to react.

Another road condition that you should keep an eye on is the amount of sand and salt that still remains on the roads. Until we get a few good rainfalls there is still quite a bit of loose material on the roads left over from winter snow removal. This can prove to be a big problem. Your tires do not like unstable surfaces. If you’re not paying attention, your bike will be on its side before you even know what has happened. Take a little bit of extra time and slow down on the corners until those streets are clear. I’ve seen it to many times. Riders are excited at the beginning of the season and try to lean too far. Before they know it their nice new bike is getting scratched up along the concrete.

Salt and sand are not your only obstacles on the corers. Until the weather gets a little bit warmer your tires won’t grip the pavement as well as they normally would. The combination of warm concrete and hot tires creates much better traction than in the cold. Slow your turns down by a few kilometers in the cold and don’t try to drag any knees until it gets a little warmer. Oh yeah, don’t forget to air up your tires after sitting all winter, guaranteed they will be soft.

Much like myself there are a number of riders who can’t wait to get on the road. Spring is one of my favorite seasons to ride. We have just finished putting up with four plus months of snow and cold so the mere sight of payment is enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Even though the temperature is still fairly cool, riding can be just as enjoyable as it is in the warm weather as long as you’re dressed properly. A good pair of insulated pants, a heavy jacket, and thick gloves will go a long way. Something else that I like to wear is a balaclava. This reallya2 reduced the amount of cold air that can funnel down your jacket and into your helmet. Also, if you have the option of hand guards and a windshield I would recommend these accessories as well. They are a nice option that will reduce the wind and keep you a little bit warmer.

Spring riding can be one of the best times of year to get out on your bike. By keeping an eye out for those pesky road conditions and wearing cold weather gear your spring riding experience will be that much better.

Soft side up!  cheers Aaron

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January 3, 2008

Commuter stress, scooter style

Don’t give your fellow “scoommuters” a bad name!

By Aaron Dowden, Marketing, Yamaha Motor Canada

Living 17 km from my workplace – Yamaha Motor Canada in the northeast end of Toronto – definitely has its advantages, primarily that I’m able to ride my BW scooter to and from work every day. (They don’t call me BeeWeeMan for nothing!)

Not only does it save me money, scootering is also way more fun than my car to take to work. And with the increasing gas prices of late, I’ve noticed a steady increase of fellow scooter commuters (aka “scoommuters”) on the roads.

For those of you out there who are terrified of car and truck motorists (aka “cage drivers”) – don’t be. I have yet to have any serious problems with cars… Mind you, I play by the rules.

Every once and while I’ll see a fellow scooter rider weaving in and out of traffic, driving in the bicycle lanes, or cutting around cars at stop lights. Please don’t do this!! Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re giving your fellow scoommuters a bad name!

Really, scooter commuters are environmentally-friendly, fun-loving, sensible folk on the whole. Automotive drivers tend to get very irritated when scooters don’t play by the rules… and for good reason.

It’s important to remember that scooters only have two wheels with a little bit of metal to hold them together. Most cars wouldn’t think twice about pulling in front of a scooter to prevent it from driving around them.

I don’t know about you, but I like having the use of all of my limbs!

I’d like to hear any experiences, or tips, that other scoommuters might have to help stay safe the cage-drivers world.

– Aaron

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December 13, 2007

Can the C3 scooter keep up with the BWs?

By Chris Anderson, service shop technician, Yamaha Motor Canada

It’s amazing how a preconceived notion – for example, that one thing is superior to another – can be shattered when one actually experiences it. The following is a case in point.

Twice in the past month, I’ve had to go downtown for appointments and deliveries. BWs 2008To save money, I like to sign out a scooter from my employer, Yamaha Motor Canada instead of taking my car. (In Toronto, scooters and bikes park for free at any meter, and in designated parking lots.)

My first trip downtown, I picked out the 2008 BWs scooter (aka the “BeeWee, right). It’s still a two-stroke unit, but this year it has a catalyzer built in to the exhaust to reduce emissions. It’s always been a favourite of mine because of…

  • Performance: It’ll do almost 70 kph right out of the box.
  • Cargo space: I can drop my full face helmet in the cargo under the seat, lock it and walk away.
  • Fat tires: Perfect for negotiating streetcar tracks.Yamaha C3 2008 scooter
  • Fun: You can’t ride this scooter without smiling!

My surprise came on my second trip downtown, which followed the same route as the BeeWee, but this time I chose the Yamaha 2008 XF50 scooter (right, also known as “C cubed” (C3). It’s new, still 50cc, but four-stroke, fuel-injected and liquid-cooled. It has the same fat tires and lots of cargo room, but I thought, “there’s no way it can keep up with the BeeWee!


What a rockin’ little beastie! The C3 generates the same smiles per km, but it tackles the big hills better than the two-stroke and for some reason, the C3 seat is more comfy than the Beewee, too.

The C3 never went below 53kph going up the same hills that slowed the BWs down to just under 50kph. (I know this sounds slow, but it’s rare to break 65 in downtown traffic.) I only found myself slower than the traffic flow twice, and I was usually able to pass dump trucks and buses no sweat.

Next trip downtown, I’m taking the “C cubed” scooter!


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November 27, 2007

Welcome from Aaron Dowden

Hi, I’m Aaron Dowden, known around the office as “BeeWee Man” because of how much I love my BW50 scooter! I’ve worked in marketing at Yamaha Canada for about a year; I’ve decided to start blogging so I can interact directly with customers and interested folks (you!)Aaron Dowden

Scooters are my favourite type of bike, overall, but I have ridden other kinds of bikes. My first bike was a Yamaha YZF600R, and my favourite model remains the V-Star 1300. My fav trip on a bike? To Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia (near Halifax).

When I’m not riding, I enjoy playing hockey and learning all that I can about a cool Web practice known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I love talking about Yamaha products – but just as much, I’d like to know what you want to talk about… especially all you fellow scooter commuters and lovers of scooters in general! Aaron

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