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May 27, 2009

Kelly’s Kicks Butt! (With video)

Is there really such a thing as a “free ride?” There is at Yamaha’s Motorcycle Power Tour events! (Although, our goal is that participants will realize the features and benefits of our bikes and eventually purchase one … but in the meantime, the ride’s on us.)


On Sunday, May 10, just over 40 riders signed up to test ride some of our finest motorcycles at Kelly’s Cycle Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. Those in attendance got to try out many of our Star series cruisers, including the all-new V-Star 950, sport models like the YZF-R1 with its new cross-place crankshaft, and we also had some scooters on hand for those looking for a fun, safe and quieter ride.

The crew at Kelly’s put some real aggression and enthusiasm into the event, and we were thrilled to see that reflected by the riders who put all of the bikes through their paces in every demo session. In fact, our team was showing off “guns” the size of Ron Burgundy’s after filling up the fuel tanks so much! Kevin, Chris, Orton, and Aaron of the Power Tour staff made sure that the day ran smoothly and on time, and they even captured some of it on film. You can watch it below….

And just to clarify, we’re pretty sure that the comment from the guy in the R1 testimonial (“It has, absolutely, God awful power …”) is actually a compliment. He was probably just a little nervous being behind the Yama-Tube lens (don’t fool yourself, it’s not easy being on the big screen) and mixed up his wording. But who knows, maybe that could be our new catch phrase for the 2009 YZF-R1?!?

Joe from Hamilton isn’t the only rider who had a memorable time with the R1. Click here to read a review of a Suzuki rider who has fallen for the all-new R1.

Anyhoo, we appreciate all of you who stopped by Kelly’s for the demo ride and enjoyed our new models.

So where is the next stop on the Power Tour? Find out by visiting Yamaha-motor.ca. Don’t be shy, get out to your local demo ride and answer the question that everyone is asking, “What kind of Yamaha are you?”

Danny B

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May 14, 2009

Care To Do Lunch?

Holy CR%P!!!
I just got back from my lunch break. Didn’t eat just went for a ride with one of my colleagues here at YMCA’s he2009_yzf-r1_bra_06ad office. Aaron had some errands to run and I had not had the chance to take out the all new 2009 Yamaha R1.
I had just finished hearing Dave MacDougall rave about the phenomenal response the 25+ Sport Bike riders had after testing the R1 at his recent MC Power Tour at POWERSPORT JUNCTION In Guelph. Dave seemed pretty stoked about the feedback he was getting from the riders so I thought, “What the heck… I’ll take it for a spin” (Gotta ride before I can talk about it… right!!?)
Aaron had the new FZR6r and I had the … Yamaha R1

Let me say it again… HOLY CR%P. This bike is awesome, Crossplane crankshaft with uneven firing order, Selectable drive modes… (What!) Inverted front forks, Radial front disc brakes, Variable intake, and new compact Deltabox chassis with fully adjustable suspension. I try to keep abreast of the latest technology but, put all this technology in one package… sick!

2009_yzf-r1_fea_09I fired it up… the sound was unlike anything I have ever heard, let alone ridden. Is it a twin? A triple? Doesn’t sound like an inline 4? I moved off casually, not knowing what to expect… a mid range surge… a top end rush…It delivered controllable power to the ground anywhere in the power band… NO, forget power band, there is no power band! Just start the beast and you’re in the power band. 20kph, 60kph, 100kph and above. Anywhere u twist the throttle it produces gobs of earth shattering torque and horsepower… I need to go change my pants…

Ok I just bought some stock in a dry cleaning business. I figured the cleaning business is going to boom if they are located next to a Yamaha dealership!
The R1’s power plant is so unbelievably good the guys and gals that purchase this bike are going to need to have their leathers laundered professionally EVERY single time they take their bike out for a ride.
Why aren’t our governments talking about this as a stimulus for the economy? ‘…No ticky / no laundry’

… No need to spend trillions of dollars bailing out the cage drivers, Put one of these in every driveway and we’ll have the sport population working over time to afford to buy more accessories, (and new riding gear). They’ll sell their cars and put snow tires on their new R1… they won’t want to give it up, it’s that good.

They’ll spend billions flying their bikes to far away places to find more roads, Infrastructure? They’ll lobby their politicians to build new twisty roads to the nearest 7 11 corner store… Take the long way home…

I have to stop. I need a dictionary. Think I’ll just use metaphors and similes to finish this blog:
More power than a locomotive, more reliable than my best friend. Cornering? Felt like it was on rails!! More of a rush than my 1st date kiss with a gal from Florida. Put a silly grin on my face bigger than that of the Cheshire Cat. The adrenaline rushing through my veins… feeling the ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome… guess which option I chose.

I couldn’t finish the ride! I got off at an intersection and told Aaron he had to take her home. I’ve been riding long enough to know when I’ve had enough. It takes a bigger man than me to ride this bike on the street. While I’m riding it I’m invincible, I can do no wrong, it is confidence inspiring it makes up for all my short comings as a man, but then at the stop light, I couldn’t keep my hands and legs from shaking. “Aaron u take it”. The beast just purred and idled its unique 90deg uneven firing purr (sounded like it was laughing at me)

Can’t wait for the next track day. I’m a changed man… I have always considered my self to be educated and able to convey my thoughts and emotions easily through the spoken word… but this new R1 is beyond description. You’ll have to ride one for yourself and explain the silly grin that follows.

Did I say I can’t wait for my next track day???

Cheers Dre

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February 7, 2008

Welcome from Andre Harris

Hi, my name is Andre Harris (you can call me Dre’); I’m the Events and Show Coordinator in the marketing department of Yamaha Motor Canada.

I’ll be one of the folks blogging here; often I’ll blog about sport bikes, though I’ll cover anything motorcycle-related (especially if you ask me to! 😉

Now, a bit about my background…

I’ve worked at Yamaha Motor Canada for going on five years. I like my job – the company is full of enthusiasts, and I get to travel and meet like-minded individuals. And I get to sample the latest and greatest of a wide selection equipment – from dirt bikes and sport bikes to large-displacement cruisers, even beginner bikes.

And quite often, I’m testing one-of-a-kind equipment, before it even goes into mass production! Cool, eh?

I’ve been riding since 1974 (I’m NOT telling you my age! I was out of diapers, but not old enough to get a mature rider insurance discount 😉
My first bike, way back when, was virtually unheard of in Canada, but it was all I could afford – brand new for $600! It was a Jawa CZ 175 [JaWa the first two letters of the developer’s name- Janecek – and first two from a competitor’s model Wanderer; the CZ for Czechoslovakia.)

I’ve been training novice riders as part of the Humber College Rider Training program for more than 20 years, and instructing in advanced cruiser/touring at the FAST Road Racing School for more than seven years.

I was asked recently if I have a favourite bike; I don’t think so – really, any bike with an attitude (but not too obnoxious!) The MT-01 torque sport bike, Vmax, and Roadliner all come to mind.

My hobbies? If it’s got a motor and handle bars… I want to ride it!

Why am I blogging? ‘Cause I want to share my passion (obsession?), relay my stories and experience – and generally be part of the never-ending quest for what it is about motorcycling that we true enthusiasts like so much!


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January 29, 2008

Good times at the Yamaha Fukuroi Test Track

Riding the same course the Yamaha MotoGP team rode the day before!

By Dave Shepherd, motorsports technical specialist, Yamaha Motor Canada

I was lucky enough to find myself recently at the Yamaha Fukuroi road track test course to test some new motorcycles.


The town of Fukuroi is one train stop down the line from Iwata, Japan, home of Yamaha Motor Company. Nestled in the hillside of Fukuroi sits this famous Yamaha test track.

Built in 1969, the Yamaha Fukuroi track (known as “FookU” to us inside the company) follows some of the older designs for its 5.8 km layout. Yamaha Fukuroi is shaped in a figure-8, similar to Suzuka Circuit (the centre of Japanese motorsports and that country’s first full-fledged racing course when it opened in 1962).

The Yamaha Fukuori test track has many trees and rails in close proximity, and not much run-off room (sand traps were unheard of in those days).

The day started out with heavy rain, and I worried that the test session might be cancelled. (Apparently, being located among the hills causes problems such as rivers forming and running over the track surface.) But by lunchtime, the sun was fierce and steam was rising from the black surface.

Engaging racetrack functions… all systems go!

The first few laps on the drying tarmac were slow. That gave me an opportunity to switch on those circuits in my brain that let my body perform racetrack functions. Those include:

  • bending in a full armour racesuit
  • getting the mind up to speed to handle the blitz of bike control information
  • learning the curves and ripples of the track at the same time

In a couple of slower turns, the exit line was seriously marked with a wide stripe of rubber. Not my doing, that’s for sure!

There is something special about riding high-performance motorcycles on the track. Without the distraction of normal road traffic or the constant vigil for our police friends, it is much easier to concentrate on the task of improving one’s riding skill set. (In my case, I need all the improvement I can get!)

It’s a great moment when you suddenly slip into the “zone” and the rest of the world is a million miles away.

Inside my Suomy helmet, I hear myself think, “that’s right, I’m being paid to be here and wring out this bike.” A bug-eating grin spreads across my face, and even the fact that I just missed my brake marker doesn’t really matter. I know that some much better riders than me have been on this very same track, and may even have missed a marker or two themselves!

I finally return to the hot pit where a large Japanese contingent is waiting patiently. (see the photo here). I ask about those wide stripes of heavy wrist action; they tell me that the Yamaha MotoGP team were here the day before, testing some new engines and control systems. With the rubber laid that wide, there had to be some very sideways riding; I’m awestruck by the talent of those unknown pilots!

We spend a very full day riding seven new models, gaining an understanding of the reasons for changes and sampling new technologies in the pipeline.

I realize just how lucky I am to experience these things – it’s almost as great as watching delight on the faces of bike enthusiasts at shows back home when they first see these models for themselves.

What bikes did I ride in Japan? That’s a blog post for another day…!

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December 11, 2007

Welcome from Carolyn Hay

Carolyn HayHi, I’m Carolyn Hay (but you can call me Cal). I’ve been working in the marketing department of Yamaha Motor Canada since January 2004. My main focus at work is developing the creative behind the company’s brochures and point-of-sale materials.

I like working at Yamaha because I feel like I’m part of something I believe in. Not only do I get to work in the motorcycle industry, but it’s one of my treasured hobbies. I feel very fortunate that I have combined the two.

I recently rode my first bike home for the first time – my very own 2007 YZF-R6 (in dark-grey). I’ve wanted an R6 for seven years now!

Ever since I bought it, I’ve been wearing a grin ear to ear every day! Now I’m counting down the days until April when the roads clear and I can launch into my first full season season with my R6!

My hobbies include anything that burns gas. I grew up around classic muscle cars, the drag track and car shows. When I discovered motorcycles (in 2000), it was just an addition to my other moto-passions.

I am blogging in this space to share my personal stories of motorcycling, including great roads I’ve found and my bike “firsts.” I hope to hear back from you, about your own biking adventures! 🙂 Cal

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December 6, 2007

Growing up moto – but not with cycles

How I discovered bikes and never looked back

By Carolyn Hay, marketing representative, Yamaha Motor Canada

Growing up, I was always surrounded by classic muscle cars, rail dragsters, big blocks, and four-speed manual trannys. Not too often would you find a motorcycle among the crowd.

But then, one hot July night back in 2000, something changed all that. I was at work when some friends came by to coerce me to go to a superbike race over at Mosport the following day. At that time I was like, ‘what’s a Superbike?” I was reluctant, but with a little convincing, I went.

I found out that motorcycles are a whole other world! And that was just the beginning. That summer I put in plenty of seat time as a passenger. It was official… I was hooked!

Then I decided, why should I leave all the fun to someone else? I didn’t want to be the passenger any more. So I went and got my motorcycle license in 2003. The natural progression was to get my own set of wheels, and it was the Yamaha R6 that I had fallen in love with!

The first time I got to sit on an R6 was at the Toronto Motorcycle Show back in December 2003. (Yep, that’s me in the picture (right). Pretty funny, I know… the look of pure concentration on my face is good for a laugh!)

The very next day, I applied for a marketing position within Yamaha Motor Canada.

The last four years have been a blast… now I ride R6s – heck, R1s even! But the sweetest was yet to come…

October 17, 2007 was an extremely exciting day for me; you see, I rode home for the first time on my very ownCarolyn Hay and her R6 2007 Yamaha R6!! (That’s me with my baby, right.)

No more begging for loaner bikes at work… no more Sunday mornings waking up and just WISHING I had my own bike!

The ride to work will never be the same… or to anywhere, for that matter!

What I want to know is, am I going nut’z or is this normal?

– Cal

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December 4, 2007

Welcome from Bryan Fil

Hi, I’m Bryan Fil – “Woodzee” to my friends. (I was actually born as Woods, and the nickname stuck after I crashed into the woods in a downhill ski race and dislocated my hip.)

I’ve worked at Yamaha Canada since December 1999, currently as the General Services Coordinator in charge of fleet and property management. That basically means I maintain and supervise all our company vehicles and events trailers, and I’m responsible for anything that goes wrong in our buildingBryan Fil (except computers).

I like working at Yamaha because of the passionate people. Also, if I’m ever frustrated about something in my life, there’s always a new “toy” to check out. This always takes my mind off of the problem and all I think about is just riding. Sort of a reminder of why you’re working hard….so you can play later!

I currently own and ride a full race-ready 2006 YZF-R6, a 2002 YZFR6, and a 2003 YZF600.

My first bike ever was a 1989 RZ350, and I’ve owned a full race-ready 2000 YZF-R6, and a 2001 YZF-R6 (both I sold).

My hobbies include amateur road racing, watching road racing, wrenching on motorcycles, soccer, and spending time with my friends and family.

As a blogger, I think I can offer a good perspective as an active participant of track/lapping days and a licensed road racer – showing the highs and lows of this environment, from personal successes to hard failures.

I also ride as much as possible away from the track when family time permits, so maybe I can shed some light on that side of sport riding as well when I blog.

I expect there will be some crossover into the sport bike category, because of my street bikes, when I’m blogging.

And there might be the occasional post about other stuff – such as the ice racing I’m hoping to get into this winter, and the fact that my oldest son is getting to the age where he may be getting into dirt bikes (which means I need to get there, too!)


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November 6, 2007

Welcome from John Bayliss

John BaylissHi, my name is John Bayliss, but you can call me JB. I’m the product manager for motorcycles and scooters at Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Welcome to the Yamaha Bike Blog!

One thing I would like to clear up right off the bat, is although I have been involved in the bike biz for many years (at Yamaha for 20 of them), I do not profess to know everything about motorcycles.

Unlike my snowmobile counterpart at Yamaha, Chris Reid, who blogs at Sled Talk, I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of all the technical aspects of our bikes and scooters. However, between me and my work colleagues also blogging here about bikes, we petty much do know everything about bikes – and what we don’t know, we want to hear from you about!

I am an avid on road and off road rider, plus I also dabble in track days. Most weekends (when I am not working), I usually spend at least a few hours riding or wrenching, especially restoring some vintage bikes of my own.

I own 10 motorcycles, ranging from street and dirt to a R6 track day bike. My fav ride right now is an ’07 Yamaha FZ1.

In the off-season, I can be found snowmobiling, skiing, and playing on the Yamaha hockey team.

I’m looking forward to sharing stories here that people can’t find anywhere else – such as behind-the-scenes peeks at Yamaha product development, long before the bikes hit the market. Hope you enjoy the insights!

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November 1, 2007

Welcome to the Yamaha Canada Bike Blog

cr-0207.jpgHi, my name is Chris Reid and I am the Senior Product and Research Manager here at Yamaha Motor Canada. If you are also a ‘sled head’, you might know me as CR over on our sister blog, Sled Talk.

We have assembled a group of Yamaha Motor Canada employees who all love to ride and have some stories to tell. We hope you’ll check in often, and read what we have to say.

(As far as I know, Yamaha is the only motorsports company in Canada to host a blog where we interact with our friends and customers.)

If you have any questions or feedback for us, you’re welcome to add a comment and we’ll try to respond to as many as we can. There are some areas that we won’t be discussing (please see our Terms of Use) but for the most part, be nice and anything motorcycle-related goes!

If you like what you see, you can subscribe (enter email address on the right) and we’ll email you whenever we add a new post, or you can add Bike Blog to your list of RSS feeds. We’ll be populating the blog with a wide selection of content over the next few weeks and we’d love to hear what you have to say about it all.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Bike Blog and if you do, please let your friends know about us.

Cheers cr

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