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Frequently Asked Questions

Leaving Comments, Finding Comments, RSS and Subscriptions for Yamaha Bike Blog

To see comments, scroll to the bottom of each post and click on “Comments.” (the number of comments is indicated beside the link). If you see a category of interest as the site grows, you can select the specific category and then search posts of interest and the relative comments.

You will need to enter an email address to leave a comment. It will be held in confidence, and not used or shared for any purpose outside of this blog.

You can subscribe to the blog and you will receive email notification whenever a new post becomes available.

RSS feeds: Yamaha Bike Blog is available via RSS which stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and/or “Rich Site Summary.” RSS feeds let you automatically receive instant news and information updates from Yamaha Bike Blog.

You collect and read RSS feeds by using what’s called a “feed reader” or “feed aggregator”, which is updated automatically when new content is published there.  People use these free services in order to enjoy stories from many of their favorite blogs and websites all in one place, rather than having to review each one individually.

Once you subscribe, posts will come to you until you decide to unsubscribe, which is also very easy.

How do I subscribe to Yamaha Bike Blog?

On the right-hand column of this blog, you’ll see an icon for RSS – when you click on it, a menu will drop down that will allow you to choose a feed reader. All you need to do is click on your preference and the site will prompt you through a simple sign-up process.

Once you have registered with a feed reader (such as Google Reader), whenever you visit a site you like, you simply click on the RSS button and you’ll be automatically subscribed to that site’s feed. It’s a lot easier to manage than bookmarking your favorite pages, and you’ll never miss an important post again!